About Us

The Eda’a Research Center was established with one primary goal: to improve and enhance the understanding of the importance of tourism, environment, and culture for Jordanians, and the world at large, by initiating and supporting uniquely inspired research. Eda’a serves as both a domestic and global liaison; first, between Jordanian students, researchers & academics and practitioners in the fields of tourism, environment, and culture and, second, between the international academic community – students and researchers – and the country of Jordan. Strategically located in As-Salt, Eda’a provides introdu
ctory trainings on applying research to address the business-related and developmental challenges of local small & medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), community-based organizations, and NGOs.

The inexistence of a specialized tourism research center in Jordan and the lack of useful data and information needed for a better decision making process were behind the idea of establishing “Eda’a Research Center” dedicated to research on tourism. 

A center with a vision “to build local, regional and international recognition as a professional pioneering center specialized in tourism” and with a mission “to enhance the quality of the tourism services offered in Jordan though research for development”.

Eda’a is based in the Old City of Salt in Balqa’ Governorate. It works mainly on conducting research for development in Balqa’ governorate and on conducting research for tourism development in Salt. Eda’a conducts studies in Salt that will contribute to the destinations development and to highlight its importance on the tourism map in Jordan. Eda’a works closely with Balqa’ University, Ahlyyah University and other Universities in Balqa’ Governorate to help in building the capacity of tourism research in the governorate and to assist in linking the Balqa’ region with other important destinations in Jordan.

The market opportunity of Eda’a Research Center is based on its uniqueness and to the high demand of reliable industry information from local and international entities interested in tourism in Jordan.

The objectives of Eda’a Research Center are to:

Build a community of specialized researchers in Jordan.
Improve the research environment in the tourism industry in Jordan.
Spread awareness for the importance of research in tourism.
Enhance the communication and the networking within the industry.
Skills enhancement for the existing and potential researchers in the tourism field.

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