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The Edaa Research Center actively pursues the creation of, and participation in, conferences and events (both here in Jordan and abroad) to expose attendees to the three pillars of research – – tourism, environment, and culture – – that serve as the foundation for the Center itself. Recognizing that exchange of information is vital to the ongoing pursuit of relevant research, and that collaboration is essential to bringing that research to a variety of audiences, the Edaa Team consistently interfaces with academic and practitioner communities to discuss what conferences and events may be most valuable in the context of the fast-paced, ever-changing landscape of the Arab World and beyond.

The Edaa Team looks at conferences & events as serving three purposes:

1) To interact with colleagues – academics and practitioners – locally, regionally, and internationally

2) To share emerging understandings & emerging practices in a timely manner, and

3) To showcase theories and unanticipated results, and to foster collaboration amongst and between researchers and practitioners seeking to expand on existing research or to begin new research studies, particularly in the Arab World

In the future, the Edaa Research Center will post information on upcoming conferences & events that may prove relevant to those holding similar interests to the three pillars of tourism, environment, and culture.

Eda’a organizes important conferences and events that will contribute into bringing together Arab researchers with their international counterparts in the tourism field to meet, share and discuss different issues related to research in tourism:

1st Jordan Tourism Research Conference, April 29, 2012
First Arab Tourism Research Conference, March 2013, in cooperation with the Arab Tourism Organization (ATO)
Arab and Islamic Cities International Conference, Architecture, Heritage, & Tourism, July 2013, in cooperation with the Jordan Engineers Association/ Balqa Chapter.

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