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Hosting Researchers

Located in Al-Salt, Jordan, the Edaa Research Center offers a unique backdrop for visiting researchers interested in exploring the tourism, environment, and culture of the community and surrounding region. Hosted graduate students, faculty, and researchers have access to the Edaa Research Center and its team to assist them with translation services, for example, as well as provide access to equipment, internet connectivity for presentations, and a space to conduct focus groups and formal and informal interviews with community residents.

The Edaa Research Center has relationships with local businesses and residents, affording researchers an opportunity to stay in local accommodations, including historic buildings dating back to the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Hosting researchers is part of an overall approach to sustainability for the local community – minimizing leakages and maximizing direct impact for residents via expenditures by researchers in the local community.

For those interested in discussing their potential research project, you are encouraged to direct your correspondence to Dr. Ali Hyasat, Director of the Edaa Research Center.


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