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Eda’a Research Center works on improving the research environment in the tourism industry in Jordan. An objective set to enhance the capacity and application of tourism research in Jordan through allocating existing research capacities and identifying capacity building needs to enhance the skills of potential researchers and to spread awareness on the importance of research for the tourism Industry.


Eda’a provides the tourism sector with annual studies and surveys about key Research on Forecasts for the Jordan’s inbound tour operators business for the last quarter of 2011 and year 2012 issues and current concerns of the sector. Such issues we have worked on in 2011 covered the political unrest in the Arab region and its impacts on the tourism sector. These efforts are important to provide the tourism sector with the proper information needed to take prodder actions and decisions:

British Travellers’ Attitudes towards the Arab World
Scanning about the contribution of Jordanian Universities in the Field of Tourism Research and publications:
Scanning on the spending of the Public and Private Sectors on tourism research

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